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Bear in mind that one must live life like he is at a feast. – Epictetus The parallels between good food and a good life have been plenty in history. A meal was considered to be an important activity that commanded respect and utmost dedication to detail. It was often said that wars were averted not by the kings, but by the chefs who served a sumptuous meal to warring visitors. However, through time, the importance and benefits of a good meal have diminished.

At Jalsa, we strive to bring this spirit back by opening doors to a whole new experience, just for you. Upon walking through mirrored doors, a stunning palace reveals itself, with a crystal chandelier at the centre that adds life to the ambience. There are many choices, from a cosy corner for two, to a private baitak for a family, to large tables for a jolly crowd of twenty or more. The decor is carefully crafted to reflect the celebratory experience of the era, while the food is handcrafted by our chef to bring alive north-frontier cuisine like never before. Our palate is renowned through the country for its quality and unforgettable taste, as our chef works towards innovating the spread every week, adding more surprises and bringing alive forgotten tastes from the Mughal era. Classics from the past embrace your ears, as a visual treat appears every now and then to enhance your experience further.